About Christine February 6, 2020
A unique business consulting firm with a passion for mentorship, building and nurturing long lasting relationships and a knack for turning your biggest weakness into your biggest strength.

Working with suppliers internationally and locally to focus on building relationships that provide an advantage for your business. 

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Industries We've Served

Manufacturing, Industrial, Construction, Automotive, Fabrication and Commercial.

15 years business process analysis, strategy & management experience.

I'm Savanna

The founder of SB Consulting & Coaching… I am proudly the “SB” in the title – Savanna Becthold – nice to meet you! 

With an extensive background in business process solutions and an instilled passion for mentorship; I founded SB Consulting. Starting SB Consulting has provided me the ability to grow my relationships with both my clients and my partners in ways I previously could only imagine. 

With every relationship I make (client and partner) I commit to being your single source resource and mentor that delivers a sense of trust, honesty and loyalty throughout every interaction. 

I follow a unique set of processes that help me dig deep into current processes and identify areas of opportunity. Bringing light to these areas of  opportunities allows SB Consulting the ability to turn your biggest pain point into your biggest asset. 

When I am not analyzing, strategizing and mentoring for my client’s business needs; I enjoy my time with my husband and 2 sons where we spend most of our free time – outdoors.

But don’t worry – between our camping, horse back riding, 4 wheeling, snowmobiling and boating adventures I am still only a phone call away! 

I would love to meet you, let’s connect!


Instilling trust in every client relationship when business factors and key performance variables are met and exceeded.


Communicating with every client transparently regarding current business process/policy and opportunities.


Building lifelong relationships with every client providing unwavering support, genuine feedback and a shared set of values.

Our process
Identifying Opportunities
Analyze current processes

Analysis of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats to better understand where your business currently sits.

Evaluate current business process

Analysis of current business process, goals and objectives.

Strategic Proposal

Presenting recommendations and opportunities for improved process solutions.

investment Decision

Based on strategy agreement; Enroll in Virtual Group Sessions or Partnership Plan. 

Our Solutions

Virtual Group Sessions

Providing small business owners the power learn new business strategies and ways of continuous improvement.

Partnership Plan

Small business consulting, analysis & implementation of strategic plans to help improve on business processes.